Link Building RoundUp: Cornucopious Edition (November 2011)

by on November 20, 2011

Something I used to really look forward to every week was Garrett French’s Weekly Link Building Roundups. My weekend reading was lined up for me and I now had a curated list as a reference resource. I haven’t seen Garrett do these lately and someone needs to pick up the torch and carry it for the rest of us. I have seen it reproduced and imitated, but most of them seemed biased toward or against certain sites/authors. Here, I don’t play that game. If it’s share-worthy, then I feel obligated to curate these articles if for no one else but myself. My real hope is that either someone who has the time will take this and run with it on their site, or readers will contribute articles to the roundup for this site. I am lazy a procrastinator and limited on time I can spend on doing this every month. November so far for me has been relentless with a steady flow of great actionable or insightful articles regarding link building. Perhaps it’s always this way and I don’t take time to notice how much I’ve soaked in (or not) from my consumption of great content every month. At any rate, let’s get to the goods!

Maximizing Link Love From Stakeholders by Reid Bandremer

How To Get A Link From A Blogger by Andrew Shotland via Peter Gregory

Whitehat Link Building At It’s Finest by Kaila Strong

Link Building – The First 90 Days by Brad Kuenn

Your Ultimate Link Wish List by Jennifer Van Iderstyne

No Shortcuts To Value (Manual Link Building Is Hard) by Rick DeJarnette 

Knowledge And Tools For A Successful Blogger Outreach Strategy by Wayne Barker

Pinterest: Link Building and SEO Strategies by Scott Cowley

18 Tools to Speed Up Link Building by Justin Briggs

Extreme Link Prospecting with SEOQuake by Jason Acidre

Guide To Link Building For ECommerce by Linda Bustos

How To Estimate How Many Links You Need by Ted Ives

6 Experts Talk Link Building by James Agate

Wordstream’s Most Popular Link Building Articles by Elisa Gabbert 

Thoughts On Random Link Spikes & The Events That Create Them by Eric Ward

Link Link Building Tool Review: SEO Book by Julie Joyce

Competitive Backlink Analysis by Jane Copland

How To Create and Promote A Link Worthy Resource List by Tom Demers

Define Your Objective Before You Build Links by Julie Joyce

Scalable Link Building Using Social Media by Mike King

Are You Missing Out On Links From Social Relationships? by Nick LeRoy

How To Terrify Execs into Link Building by Conrad Saam

Improving Corrective Value Adds In Link Requests by Ross Hudgens

Link Building With Content Isn’t The Only Way To Get Links by Lyndon Antcliff

Ontolo Releases Version 4 of the Link Building Toolset by Ben Wills

Real Guide to Getting Links and Traffic from Trending Topics by Bonnie Stefanic

The Inbound Marketer’s Link Building SEO Glossary by Chad Pollitt 

How You Can Get Valuable Links From SEL and SEOMoz by Nick LeRoy

Does free press release distribution help link building? by Ken McGaffin

Proactive Link Building Tactics, live from Pubcon by Lisa Barone

Link Building through Blog Themes Sponsorship (A-z Guide) by SEO Himanshu

Top Link Building Resources and Tools (Pt. 1) by Jake Rainbow

4 Tips On Improving Your Blogger Outreach Message by Melissa Alam

Loren Baker on Building Links with Maximum Benefit and Minimum Risk by David Angotti

How Celebrity & Authority Change Link Building In SEO by Tom Schmitz

Marketing Integration Key for Link Building by Julie Joyce

Biz-Dev Link Building – 10 Questions with Ken McGaffin by Garrett French

Chef Raekwon did not give me permission to use this image but I bought his album and took a pic of it.

The month is done and there were several additions throughout the last couple of weeks. Thanks to all contributors and the authors of all this superb link building content. Our cup runneth over… Thanks for reading!