Ian Lurie’s Random Encounter Table For SEO

December 6, 2011

For any of you that worked hard on building a player character’s attributes and skills only to be eaten by Yog Sohoth because your Dungeon Master was a dick, this is for you. That Halfling Thief never stood a chance against a demon…. You should also read: The Dungeon Master’s Guide to Marketing also by […]

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Link Building RoundUp: Cornucopious Edition (November 2011)

November 20, 2011

Something I used to really look forward to every week was Garrett French’s Weekly Link Building Roundups. My weekend reading was lined up for me and I now had a curated list as a reference resource. I haven’t seen Garrett do these lately and someone needs to pick up the torch and carry it for […]

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SERP Management for Brands

October 17, 2011

I am amazed at how many large brands are not dominating the first page of the SERP with their own properties in brand queries. With Google’s love of brands, they should take advantage of this priceless real estate to fortify their authority and to control what searchers see right away. Here are a few actions […]

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Thank You, Steve!

October 7, 2011

Some people might say I’m being insensitive, I think Steve would have chuckled at this. This is no worse than the copious and lugubrious tribute stuff out there. Laugh if you want, hate if you want – it’s really just for Steve anyways. “Be a yardstick of quality” ~ Steve Jobs

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Why Whitespark’s LCF is Worth $2000 a Month

September 21, 2011

(But it only costs $20-40) Review of Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder I’ve been using Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder for over a year now and I want to share with others how it has helped me play (and win) “king of the hill” in local results against competitors with sites that are better established than mine. […]

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