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Law Firm SEO: Get Found, Get Clients

Is your law firm website easily found when people are searching online for legal services? If your website is not among the first few listings people see on search engine results, you are essentially concealed from new clients. Have your law firm website placed in front of your competitors’ with search engine optimization services from Gonzo SEO.

SEO Reaches the Right Clients

Search engines bring in qualified leads: people in immediate need of the legal services you provide. They are searching for legal services at their moment of need. Traditional ads do not have the same type of precision. Not everybody who sees your ad on television or in the phone book is looking for legal help. Through Gonzo SEO, reach more potential clients who are actively looking for services your law firm provides.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical that your law firm stays current in marketing your practice. With businesses of all kinds taking their marketing online, there is no better strategy for boosting your practice than developing a solid, search engine optimized website for your law firm. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are some of the most powerful strategies available today for building your law firm’s online presence. They have the ability to not only increase the amount of targeted traffic you get to your website, but it also helps build your reputation and defend your brand.

Search engine optimization is made up of several key components that when implemented strategically, can significantly build your business. Proper execution of a sound search engine optimization campaign is a cyclical process and each component of the campaign falls into one of three key stages:


Develop Your Vision – Success in any venture requires a clear vision of the entire picture. Be aware of all aspects of your online marketing campaign in order to maximize your efforts.

Set Achievable and Measurable Goals – You cannot achieve anything unless you plan for it. Set goals for your website including how much traffic you want to see coming in and how high of a conversion rate you expect. These goals are quantifiable and can be tracked and measured over time so you will know exactly when you’ve achieved them or how close you are to doing so. If you find that the goals you’ve set are too lofty, you will know when and how to adjust them to make them more realistic.

Set a Budget – Some of the top law firms spend over $200,000 a year on their online campaigns, not including the cost of pay-per-click advertising. These firms are continuously developing content, building links and creating blogs to add to their massive web presences. Be realistic in how much you’re willing to invest in doing the same and always remember that search engine marketing is one of the highest returns on investment there’s ever been.

Buy a Good Domain Name – To rank highly in the search engines for your target keyword phrase, include it in your domain name if you’re just starting a new website. Google weighs domain names heavily so take advantage and choose yours wisely.

Use Keywords Strategically – When implementing your well-researched keyword campaign, start with the least competitive and work your way up. Focus both on your geographical location as well your field of law. When you first start out, try ranking for your most specific location and niche practice area.  Over time, you can work towards ranking for the more competitive general terms .

Develop Quality Content – To truly dominate your niche, become an authority in your area of practice. Create quality content relating to every aspect of your topic and do so regularly. Get involved in the online community and make a valid contribution. This not only builds your web presence, but it also builds your law firm’s reputation as an authority in the subject.

Build Strong Links – Quality links pointing to your website are one of the most highly valued search engine ranking signals. List your website in all relevant directories, encourage link backs with quality content that people will want to share and issue press releases sharing important news with the online community. Expertly placed content and guest posts are effective in achieving this tricky but necessary task.

Best Practices Site Design – Optimize your website architecture and layout for the search engines so that you maximize your chances of being indexed and ranked highly. Your website should be easily navigable and text-based.
Assessment and Adjustment

Track Performance – Several key metrics should be a part of your performance tracking process including visitor information, keyword statistics, traffic data and conversion rates.

Turn Data into Insight – After gathering your data, you’ll need to make assessments that are applicable to your greater online marketing goals and your law firm’s business as a whole. Analyze how each key metric is contributing to your website’s success as a marketing tool.

Adjust and Improve – When your analysis has shown you exactly what elements of your search engine optimization campaign need improvement, repeat the cycle and plan and execute your new, targeted goals.

Visibility is Easy with Gonzo SEO Services

For your law firm website to stay on top of search results, SEO always needs to be monitored. Everybody, including your competitors, is constantly vying for the top spots. Also, the factors for search engine ranking change all the time. Gonzo SEO will continuously monitor and implement the necessary changes to keep your law firm website optimized and converting. Contact us now for a free consultation.

For Reaching Your Target Audience, SEO is the Sustainable, Cost Efficient Solution

Pay-per-click ad campaigns are an alternative but expensive way to obtain targeted traffic, requiring a huge monthly budget to maintain. Thousands of people are searching the internet everyday, and that is a lot of clicks to pay for (even if they don’t hire you). Search engine optimization generally costs much less, because you are not paying for each click, but a flat monthly fee to stay visible. Receive an unlimited amount of potential clients every month with Gonzo SEO services.

For Results, Experience and Expertise Matters. Let Gonzo SEO Help

Regardless of practice area and geographical location, Don Rhoades has successfully expanded his clients’ businesses by putting their law firm websites at the top of search engine results for targeted search terms. Search engine ranking is highly competitive, and his successful history shows that he is among the best at what he does. Click the link if your law firm is in need of online reputation repair.

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