Online Reputation Management for Law Firms


As internet marketing becomes more and more essential for lawyers and law firms, there is nothing more imperative than protecting your brand online. Discovering that a potential client has searched for your firm or personal name and chosen not to bring their case to you because of what they find is a grim sign that negative reviews can cost you higher-end clients because they are smart.

Legal Online Reputation Repair and Management (ORM)

Today, your attorneys and your firm are defined by what appears on the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue are lost each day due to false, misleading, or erroneous search engine results. Whether the poor press comes from a competitor, a news site, or a discussion forum, the financial impact can be damaging at best, devastating at worst. There is hope for protecting your law firm’s image in search results.  Gonzo SEO is able to resolve your issues with years of insight and a thorough understanding of how to repair and manage your online reputation. Our in-house ORM team is extremely proficient in providing reputation repair and management services to your law firm and practice.

From experience, I know how critical it is that you and your legal services have a positive reputation on the internet. Potential clients will want to learn as much about you and your firm as possible before bringing their case to you, and the first impression they receive of you and your law firm may be what they find when they search for you online. The key is to ensure that they will be impressed and pleased with what they find online about your law firm; negative reviews and listings will cost you potential clients and their business.

We recognize the web reputation problems your law firm may face, and our online reputation repair and management services will help you get your name and your firm’s standing back where it belongs and keep it there.

Why Your Law Firm Needs ORM

Negative listings are potentially damaging to your online reputation, hurting your credibility and causing you to lose potential clients.  Google your name or your law firm right now, are you be pleased with what you see? Whether a resentful former employee is publishing unfavorable opinions about your firm’s management, a competitor has covertly been targeting your firm on review websites, or if you’re a high-profile attorney with an unfortunate past legal incident or case that won’t seem to go away, your online listings aren’t reflecting the strong character and standing that you and your law firm strive to maintain. In the practice of law, reputation is everything. That is why there are peer reviews and bar reprimands.

An unfortunate truth is that negative listings often rank higher over time, many of them full of anonymously submitted user-generated content and therefore protected from deletion.  Because these potentially damaging listings can rise quickly in search engine results, it is vital that you take immediate action to repair your online reputation.

Gonzo SEO’s Online Reputation Management Experts

Our talented and experienced ORM team knows how to get the results you and your law firm want: we constantly monitor industry trends and shifts, and our innovative and sharply-honed ORM and SEO techniques are proven. We are able to suppress negative listings by focusing on surrounding them with positive and authoritative listings. Your firm’s direct mail kit or positive client testimonials may contain some of this positive content, and we’ll supplement these pages by creating websites, blogs, various social networking pages, and press releases to elevate positive content about you and firm will push down negative listings and repair your online reputation:

– Websites: we will establish websites with optimized content and valuable outbound links to increase their search engine ranking organically.

– Legal Blogs: sometimes referred to as “blawgs,” these sites are excellent tools to increase search engine ranking: the home page, category pages, and each individual post can all be pushed to the top of search listings to suppress negative content.

– Press Releases: we can create useful press articles or promote your existing releases by publishing them through our network of legal news sites and legal blogs as well as press channels.

– Social Media: we can create social network pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter, professional networking profiles on LinkedIn, Avvo and other various sites that we can easily update and promote to rank higher in search engines and effectively give your image more authority.

– User Generated Content Sites: we can promote satisfied clients to use review sites such as Yelp, Insider Pages and City Search. These sites generally tend to appear in results when a potential client searches for your law firm regardless if you’ve claimed the profiles or not. In many instances, these sites are who potential clients trust when making their decision on hiring your law firm over another because they are third party reviews. We can also help you respond to negative reviews the right way if necessary.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a large firm with hundreds of attorneys, trust the experts of Gonzo SEO to help you restore and manage your brand and online reputation. Contact Me Now for pricing.

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